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Hi every one,my name is paul....i got blacklisted due to being screwed over by a partner in our business and while i was sitting the other day and thinking how it has affected my life i came up with a genius idea....i made a few calls...couple of opening my own bank...
Yes especially targeted for people who want a credit card and cant because they are blacklisted...
I know what it feels like whenu cant book movie or theathre tickets,plain tickets,inline shopping i can go on and what i have come up with is a prepaid credit card....
So if youre interested have look at my site and rememeber you can either be blacklisted or not ALL can apply....THIS IS A FIRST FOR SOUTH AFRICA AND I WILL BE LAUNCHING SOON...SO HAVE A LOOK AT MY SITE AND EMAIL THE ADDY ON THE SITE AND WE WILL CONTACT YOU TO PROCESS YOUR APPLICATION

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  • hi paul.....hi i am emilynn......i love it! but i cannot seem to find the website to apply. could you advise me how and maybe give more information. thanks
    emilynn26 - Posted 71 months ago

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