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Corridor Entertainment and Corridor Music Universal introduce Boi Sirius

After introducing its Coalition’s artists at the light of Micaelyn Traut, Si-Anne and Teardrop, Corridor Music Universal and Corridor Entertainment is bringing to you a fresh versatile artist on their roster on behalf of Boi Sirius, an international Cape Town-based fresh deal rapper, singer/songwriter, stated a musical and entertainment phenomenon with high delivery in the American and African alternative Hip Hop scenery. Join Boi Sirius page on Facebook!/pages/Boi-Sirius/172927616066543

Boi Sirius has taken the music industry to another level by developing a market for Corridor Entertainment Worldwide Group as a company which was a project to nurture the music industry in South Africa to be commercialised in the international market through events, marketing and promotions, records and multimedia production, as well as DJ affiliations and management with companies in the UK, USA and UAE. Stay Tune on his upcoming debut…

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About this Artist

Boi Sirius

Boi Sirius was born Sean Julien in Lubumbashi in May 1984. Born in the Katanga, mining province of the DRC, his father, who is a well known mining and geology expert, moved the family to Kinshasa for four years. Eventually, he completed his high-school and landed in Cape Town, South Africa, the city Boi Sirius calls home – “Mothercity baby! My city is candy.” That is where he’s found his passion and love for music and decided to be part of the industry at various levels. When Boi Sirius debut...