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I have lived a good number of years and I have made a number of choices, I have also seen friends make choices in their lives, big or small the choices we make cost us big time. They shape our lives and eventually determine our destiny.

As young people we are faced with a lot of challenges in life, the challenges that our parents never faced and We need one greater than man and science to help us prevail these challenging times, We need GOD

The best choice you can ever make in life is choose to give your life to Christ. That"s the best decision I have ever made, this decision guides my life through the days that I have lived on earth, I make friends, make decisions, talk and see things in the Light of God"s word. while you do all the good you are doing, couple it with the love of God. make things right with your Creator.

I have learned to love and embrace everyone because God has shown me how to love unconditionally, that is how he has loved me, without any conditions, He loved you even before you knew Him and gave your life to Him. He loves you now while you don"t love Him.

you lose a lot by denying yourself a chance to be loved by Him, You deny yourself a chance to know him, meanwhile His arms are wide open, waiting for you to run to him..You tried everything else, Give Him a chance in your life.

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