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An ode to Blueworld

Roses are Red,
but this world is blue
Killer of time,
yes - it is true

Chatting each day,
adding friends to the crew.
My output is lower,
all thanks to you

If my boss had to find out,
i think i'd be screwed.
I'd scan the job section,
in the lowest of moods.

I'd only get sadder,
snogging away the time,
cos despite all the snogging
a fat zero are mine.

I'd go to the chatroom
to pick up my mood
it never disappoints me -
always some perverted dude.

Tuning your ma se . . .
is the daily routine
till that douchebag gets booted
by miss blue - the queen

Despite all the downsides,
one fact has remained
Bar all the idiots,
many friends I have gained.

So rather to friends - than blueworld i ode.
The most awesome of people that ive ever known.

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  • hahahaha! Nice one petey! :)
    barbara-anne - Posted 47 months ago
  • 'tseems like my blog attracts chinese fraudulent shoe vendors. Yoh engrish ah vewy goood, i pay five hundwed dowwa - goo' deal. Kon'nichiwa - anata wa minikuidesu, anata no okāsan wa, roba de nemuru. just saying.
    petey_p - Posted 47 months ago
  • awesome!
    zoopedup - Posted 47 months ago
  • Lol brilliance... This poem touched me in funny places... Cough
    prettytwisted - Posted 47 months ago
  • This is great! Loved it!
    blueprincess - Posted 47 months ago

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