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  • Posted 11 Jun 2012 by petey_p
    I'm not talking, I'm speaking. Prose is more honest than its corrections for, when I speak - I am honest. When I talk, I am not. When I speak I am naked - when I talk, it is winter and snow is falling. Prescription glasses if you will. Do you see? I am a jester on death row. The holocaustic michelin man. A series of mirrors, reflecting one's truths. The irony is only sunshine in my eyes I am a parody to the play we all participate, shards glued, sinews torn, a comedic apparition during a drama, yet not out of place. You know me, you don't know, Me. Shadows are behind everyone if they look at the light, but mine walks in front playing the pipe. Pro-poemer, not really. Petey_P
  • Posted 4 Apr 2012 by petey_p
    Stars in my eyes like Friday night lights, without a shadow it seems, without superfluous dreams, I bask in my thoughts like the wind with its kites. Shallow, conceited, myopic I am perceived. Truth blanketed by darkness, all encompassing - endless. But your dazzling gaze let not be deceived. My world has given me an elaborately simple mask to wear, underneath it I smile and play my part, perfection in direction of the underplayed art, yet so deftly removed with that unfooled stare. Poetry is dead, even churlish it seems. Or is it blunt irony within well covered dreams Pro-poemer, not really. Petey_P
  • Posted 1 Nov 2011 by petey_p
    Monday: I loathe you Armpit of the universe Monday, please go die. Pro-Poemer, not really. Petey_P
  • Posted 4 Aug 2011 by petey_p
    Peter, you have potential - Consequences inconsequential You will get up and supercede it. Give your heart, dont take shit. Peter, off the couch and explore your world Chase rabbits, chase cars, chase girls. Women are undoubtedly beautiful creatures, but never lose your heart to their superficial features. That one will come and i still seek her dont rush, dont hide, she will be there. You will know her by the way she looks at you The way she longs for you and smiles when you do Money will mean nothing - for if she dost love. Your heart is her currency, its value far above - that of the Rand, the dollar, the Euro It'll be the truth teller, a fact that you will know. Listen to others, but question its origin if from the heart - take it in. But if, from an oppressors tongue abuse should spout, take no notice - his world is much to laugh about. Dont seek approval from your father - you shall never receive. It is a sad fact but one you should not g...... Read Full Post
  • Posted 18 Jul 2011 by petey_p
    I walk with you; our shadows matching step, an ever-present reminder - of what has come and left. My soul despariges your company, it loathes your condescending leer but quiet acceptance is me subdued by subconcious fear. I long to part with your embrace it chills me to the bone realises my mind receding reality a nine-mil wishing gone Solitude - escape my soul, i am done with your folly power pervading realisation has become me. Pro-poemer, not really Petey_P
  • Posted 10 Jul 2011 by petey_p
    Front row i stand, perilous station Many receding posts to a safer location. I fear much, cold exposed trepidation. But glory is found here - a lifetime's elation. When the gods of fortune smile upon us, we must sieze what lays before us or before our eyes, our fate lets slide like sand in our hands we reside. A thousand drumbeat heart into a harmonious cacophony of dreams A siren in its melody flows through into wild, unrelenting beats it seems. If we seize not the souls translation, we are doomed to hollow echoes into the recesses of mind's nation found wanting but destined to lose. Take up arms, to war i cry For shall we fail, tormented in soul's solitude - we shall die. Soul gazer, lyric amazer - my muse - I thank you. Pro-poemer, not really Petey_P
  • Posted 7 Jul 2011 by petey_p
    Haiku, kak poem - way too short for anything. inconsequential. Pro-poemer, not really Petey_P noun (hy-koo) A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons
  • Posted 7 Jul 2011 by petey_p
    Every moon i desperately chase you, through the mire of my thoughts you elude me. I cannot deem the past be untrue, my skeletons sharing my evening tea. I long for your company my slumber dark lady whistfully waiting for this world to escape together defying my captors to be with you freely alas the irony - a truth stuck forever. My linens are turned - my mattress is set I defy all your suitors and pray myself you will choose to be your companion, not merely a guest slumber dark lady, too precious to lose I know not slumber dark lady when i will see you again, but i yearn for the company of my truely scarce friend. Pro-poemer, not really Petey_P
  • Posted 3 Jul 2011 by petey_p
    Getting my poem on seems better by the day A grazi, thank you dankie is all i wanna say. I reckon weekly poem offs are the order of the day Since miss admin blue eloquently paved the way As a latin dude once said I came I saw I wrote some stuff my poetic license justified - (rhyming skill simply not good enough) As my verses traverse the universe My english teacher would be proud cos that first line took more effort than should be said out loud So anyways, just saying Just chilling on sunday night, my horrible poetry proving addictive so to a blueworld page i blight I challenge anyone of you to jam some stanzas together so that I am not the only one trying really hard to sound clever So back to anyways just saying Stormers poetry sounds better than their actual rugby playing //Whoever got offended by my insensitive last blurt I promise to refrain from it just hoping i dont get hurt// Just something to think on before i bid a fond farewell...... Read Full Post
  • Posted 29 Jun 2011 by petey_p
    Roses are Red, but this world is blue Killer of time, yes - it is true Chatting each day, adding friends to the crew. My output is lower, all thanks to you If my boss had to find out, i think i'd be screwed. I'd scan the job section, in the lowest of moods. I'd only get sadder, snogging away the time, cos despite all the snogging a fat zero are mine. I'd go to the chatroom to pick up my mood it never disappoints me - always some perverted dude. Tuning your ma se . . . is the daily routine till that douchebag gets booted by miss blue - the queen Despite all the downsides, one fact has remained Bar all the idiots, many friends I have gained. So rather to friends - than blueworld i ode. The most awesome of people that ive ever known.


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