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  • 1. Antibiotika 2. Van Weelde en Rykdom 3. Tussen die krake 4. Kyk Noord DVD - music videos: 1. Hemel op die platteland 2. Tevrede? 3. Illusie van Veiligheid 4. Hemel op die platteland (Acoustic version) 5. Ek skyn (heilig) 6. Brand Suid-Afrika Bonus: 1. Maak of braak 2...
    Released : Sep 2008
  • 1. Morning Star, Durbanville 2. Heiden Heiland 3. Swanesang 4. Bel vir middelvinger 5. Vasbeslote korporasie (deel 1) 6. Prioritiseer 7. Vir altyd 7 November 8. Ek skyn (heilig) 9. Brand Suid-Afrika 10. Backstage (as daar een is) 11. Deja Vu 12. Vasbeslote korporasie (deel 2)
    Released : Sep 2006
  • 1. Tiener Aksie Einde 2. Brand Suid-Afrika 3. Klipgooi Glashuis 4. Hemel op die Platteland (acoustic version)
    Released : May 2006
  • 1. Oop vir Misinterpretasie 2. Ek dink aan jou as dit reën 3. Die illusie van veiligheid 4. Wintersdag by die seer 5. Monoloog in stereo 6. Die seksuele revolusie
    Released : Jun 2005
  • 1. Bid vir my 2. Sielswartgat 3. Sporadies nomadies 4. Lugsteuring 5. Tonnelvisie 6. Ontken altyd alles 7. Die grootste gapin 8. My lys verskonings 9. Leegle drome droom 10. Tevrede? 11. Angs aanval 12. Tiny Town
    Released : Dec 2004
  • 1. As jy met vuur speel sal jy brand 2. Maak of braak 3. Verklaar 4. Hemel op die platteland 5. Vernietig jouself 6. Tygerberg vliegtuig
    Released : Aug 2003

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  • hay guys im having a 33 day music fest in durban from 12 june to 14 july,if your keen to play pleas get hold of me at
    morriseastcoast - Posted 60 months ago
  • Hey Bra's check ons uit
    thundermerwe_tm - Posted 61 months ago
  • CAPE ROCKS!!! 2 SATURDAY 26th September '09 The concept behind Cape Rocks is to bring headline acts together with up‐and‐coming bands, to further the SA Rock Music scene. Cape Rocks 2 is bombing Cape Town with the biggest & Best rock event to be experienced this month, and boy do we have a great line up waiting for you: FOKOFPOLISIEKAR THE SLEEPERS THE PLASTICS RED LIGHT IN JUNE JACKAL+WOLF
    willneon - Posted 69 months ago
  • It’s RADAR time again… Win a 4-track demo recording and a slot on the Rocking the Daisies main stage. All you have to do to enter is register your band here: For more info on the competition and the prizes, check out our competition page here: To see who has already entered go to:
    annel_malan - Posted 69 months ago
    merchants - Posted 71 months ago
  • hey guys if you are interested in showing off your band in a big fest in PMB let me know. the crowd will be biiiiiggggggggggg :) im basically providing a platform for uncommercial bands to enjoy a large crowd- unlike little pub gigs. i just figured why not have something like coke fest but with our own bands- not discriminating any band. just a whole day of good SA rock................k but really you seriously need to tour to Durban side. it was a mission getiing the Sick Leaves here but they came!!!
    rock_goddess89 - Posted 73 months ago
  • swanesang is my fave of faves but all your music is dope!!!!! you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
    alien-angel - Posted 74 months ago
  • awesome. Check out my band, Jersey... do a search for it....
    tyrinhale - Posted 75 months ago
  • love your music!! you guys rock........
    jazy - Posted 75 months ago
  • I really like your video for Antibiotika! Very cool stuff.
    twinfinn - Posted 76 months ago


  • Jaco SNAKEHEAD Venter
  • Johnny de Ridder
    Lead Guitar
  • Wynand Myburgh
  • Hunter Kennedy
    Rhythm Guitar & Backing vocals
  • Francois van Coke