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Murfy's fLaW


  • A 13 track blend of Rock, African rhythms, a bizarre sense of humour and experimentation.
    Released : Nov 2008

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  • Vicky
    she beats the drums like they stole something and corporal punishment is the answer.
    Drums; Vocals
  • Jozie
    On loan from the pussy-cats she is the bass queen that holds the rythm section down.
  • Jojo
    Flaxen haired and gentle voiced she brings sweetness to the band and keeps them from becoming too raw.
    Keys; Vocals
  • Punky Monkey
    Punky is the most chilled out member of the band... it would seem to an outsider. Do not be fooled by her sweet demeanor she's probably the craziest of them all.
    Rhythm guitar
  • Nine
    No.9 is the only male member of this band. Everyone is till trying to figure out whether that's a good thing or not.
    Guitar; Vocals
  • Reema
    Vocalist, Shakes it like a salt shaker, Heart-breaker
    Lead Singer