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Pimp Squad

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  • It’s RADAR time again… Win a 4-track demo recording and a slot on the Rocking the Daisies main stage. All you have to do to enter is register your band here: For more info on the competition and the prizes, check out our competition page here: To see who has already entered go to:
    annel_malan - Posted 69 months ago
  • KEEP ROCKIN................. MWAH!!!
    aamena - Posted 77 months ago
  • PIMP ON!!! PIMPS:-)
    markie - Posted 77 months ago
  • hey guys.. i havnt been to any of your gigs in sooo long. I miss those beats with a passion! anyway, post a gig guide.
    ladiesman_217 - Posted 78 months ago
  • The Pimp Squad should have a permanent warning, something like this: WARNING: High concentration and energy levels needed when listening to a Pimp Squad set or album, u WILL NOT, repeat WILL NOT be able to stop urself from jammin to there booty shakin soul jackin house music! If u dont head this warning u WILL be stiff for atleast a week or two afterwards...u will have a smile on ur face though! Guaranteed! ;)
    jonobaiocchi - Posted 79 months ago
  • i'd love to hear you guys play ...
    bozza - Posted 79 months ago