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  • Black Market Riots

    Type: Rock - Alternative

    Description: an over the top energetic group with deep down rhythm and melody combining passionate screams of ballistic rock and roll. these four guys won’t stop at anything to make their voices heard above the hard hitting quakes they are so eager to make! born ... See More

  • kidofdoom

    Type: Rock - Alternative

    Description: To begin to describe the mindset in which one should listen and view kidofdoom, this should firstly be understood. Many works of art do not appear to make cognitive or moral claims. Music provides obvious examples here, much music, particularly the n... See More

  • Julia Jakobsen

    Type: Rock - Acoustic

    Description: Julia Jakobsen was born in 1987, grew up around the world, grabbed an acoustic guitar at 16 and started writing songs. She cut her teeth singing backup for established South African acts such as James Stewart and jacSharp. Then she started fronting h... See More

  • Captain Stu

    Type: Pop - Pop

    Description: Runner-up of the Road To V-Fest Competition 2008 as the best unsigned band in SA, Captain Stu, brings you an urban twist with a tightly executed, energetic and eclectic blend of ska, funk, rock and reggae while skillfully incorporating as many of the... See More

  • Someone

    Type: Pop - Pop

    Description: about See More

  • Nikki Williams

    Type: Rock - Alternative

    Description: My Name is Nikki Williams. I am 20 Yrs Old. I was born in PE, South Africa and moved to Nashville to further my music. I am not a product. I am an artist therefore I make the music that makes me FEEL. I am MYSELF and in a world full of sugar coated ... See More

  • Zinkplaat

    Type: Rock - Alternative

    Description: Zinkplaat is an Afrikaans rock band who have been together for six years, touring the country, releasing 3 albums and 7 music videos. The members come from different parts of the country, but at the moment they call Stellenbosch home. See More

  • QTTM

    Type: Rock - Alternative

    Description: A 3 piece instrumental rock orchestra using the usual drums, bass and guitar combo to generate a tsunami of sound, and have the occassion widdle backstage with no singer, QTTM have taken up the reigns of instrumental energetic rock for Cape Town See More

  • Fokofpolisiekar

    Type: Rock - Rock

    Description: The 5 piece rock outfit consists of Francois van Coke (lead vocals), Hunter Kennedy (guitar), Johnny de Ridder (lead guitar), Wynand Myburgh (bass) and Jaco Venter (drums) See More

  • Jack Parow

    Type: Urban - Rap

    Description: Jack Parow Is 'n gevaarlike afrikaanse romantiese rap superstar uit die rowwe gange van N1 City. See More