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Album: Junkyard Lipstick | Hollywood Hustler

Demo Track "Hollywood Hustler"

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  • Hollywood Hustler

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About Junkyard Lipstick

JUNKYARD LIPSTICK is a 4 piece all female band based in the Cape Town. Whether you’re a die-hard hippy or an angry punk, JUNKYARD LIPSTICK aims to give everyone a tingle up their spine with their music. Our songs are pretty much influenced by anything interesting that crosses our path. Be it about Paris’ privates, crazy CarBars, or deceptive friends, we will tap the juice out of a situation that makes us feel happy, pissed off or just freaked out.

Consisting of contradicting personalities and wonderfully weird senses of style, each member contributes to the look, feel and sound of JUNKYARD LIPSTICK.

We have Wendy on vocals with her dark grunge style and her sexy voice will have you panting and wanting more.

Chilled-out Lily-Lox is born to be on the bass with her vintage style and hippy heart. This creative soul has a mystery about her that can lure anyone in.

Frankie Bangles is the old school rocker with her love for all things leopard print. She will charm you with her clever wordplay, while she strums the shit out of that guitar.

Mrs Villain is our metalhead and freak drummer. A closet nerd that’s obsessed with CSI and has a serious potty mouth.